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Extension mobility issue


I have an issue with publisher it needs to get restarted everyday  extension mobility service active on subscriber & URL points towards subscriber however when publisher hangs EM doesn't work i deactivated this service from publisher is there any other dependancy makes EM requires publisher ?

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Ratheesh Kumar

Hi there


Just curious to know some points,


1. Is the EM service is activated on both the nodes? 

2. Are the services in CUCM, Extension Mobility and EMApp activated? 


 For extension mobility redundancy, Cisco recommends either to use a Load balancer, by pointing the EM URL to a load balancer. It then distributes the EM login requests to PUB and SUB. In case if the SUB or PUB is not available it reroutes it to the other node automatically.


Alternatively you can create two service URL's and point one to PUB and other one to SUB.


1)EM LOGIN 1 http://PUBLISHER_IP:8080/emapp/EMAppServlet?device=#DEVICENAME#

2)EM LOGIN 2 http://SUBSCRIBER_IP:8080/emapp/EMAppServlet?device=#




Hope this helps



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it was activated on both nodes i disabled it on pub however URL points only towards subscriber what is not clear is why when pub fails EM service gets affected

when monitoring ip phone tries to reach pub on port 69 (TFTP) however in device pool subscriber listed alone so it should register to sub why it tries to reach pub on that port

The TFTP step during boot is the step where the phone downloads a configuration file. The registration step is after this step. If your publisher is providing the tftp service to your phone system, then the extension mobility profile reaching out to the publisher on port 69 is an expected behavior.


Your problem is the TFTP service itself.


A physical phone will remember its last-known-good configuration and so will successfully re-register after reboot even if it cannot reach the TFTP service. However, an extension mobility profile does not have that ability. So the lack of an available TFTP service during the EM login is the source of the problem.


Suggestion: Activate the TFTP service on your subscriber and change the DHCP pools to add the subscriber as a secondary TFTP server. All systems will use the publisher TFTP service when it is online and only use the subscriber TFTP service when the publisher is not available.


Also: Do you know why your publisher is hanging? Have you contacted TAC about this?

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