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Extension Mobility Login Not Prompting, showing "Update Button"

I created 2 Extension Mobility Phones services, PRIMARY AND SECONDARY. I can login to both of these profiles with 8851 phones. However, on my 796x phones, the Secondary works, but the Primary does not prompt for a login screen (it just shows "update" noted below) The update button does nothing when pressed. Any suggestions? So far my TAC case has been opened for over a week with no resolution.


Extension Mobility.jpgExtension Mobility2.jpg


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Re: Extension Mobility Login Not Prompting, showing "Update Button"


Did you configured the phones to support 2 shared lines on the phone? In EndUser configuration, what kind of group you enabled? Is CTI enabled for the phone and the EndUser accounts? What is the firmware version you are running on these phones? Try with a different firmware.

You can also collect traces from RTMT to see the Extension Mobility messages in CUCM.

Re: Extension Mobility Login Not Prompting, showing "Update Button"

I configured 2 Extension Mobbility services in case we have a Subscriber outage. We recently experienced a Subscriber outage and nobody could get into Extension Mobility. CTI would not be required. It is the same exact phone. The Service is just not working on the Secondary Sub. However, it works on the 8851 phones.


I can get it to work with a 3rd Subscriber no problem. It is just specific to the 1 Subscriber. So that is why I think it has something to do with the Sub.

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