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External Mask/CallerID only forwards for certain Calling Search Spaces

A little about our setup and what we are trying to accomplish...

Using Call Manager 7, all servers at corporate location. Our company has 4 different physical sites, connected by VPN. Each site has an individual office number, and I would like to configure the phones at each location so that when they call out, the External Mask is set to the office number of where the phone is physical located. Previously all phones called out with the external mask set to the corporate number. The need for this change is that so if the person they call just hits redial, it goes back to the physical office, rather than the corporate office, cutting down the calls the operator in the corporate office has to take/distribute.

The issue I have run into is that the external mask at the physical sites only seems to change if I set it to a particular calling search space in Call Manager. There are multiple spaces for each of the 4 locations (for International/Long Distance/Local/etc), but only if a directory number is set to one of the corporate space does the external mask pass correctly.

It doesn't appear to me to be an issue with the phone provider as the different office numbers will pass correctly if the calling search space is changed. Obviously I would rather not change the calling search space for every directory number that needs to do this to the corporate space.

Has anyone seen this issue before or have ideas on how to troubleshoot/resolve it?



Re: External Mask/CallerID only forwards for certain Calling Sea

Sounds like the different CSS is sending the call to a different router pattern. Check your route patterns and make sure "Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask" is checked. Also, does the different CSS/router pattern send the call out a different gateway/provider?



Re: External Mask/CallerID only forwards for certain Calling Sea

If I follow the scenario, then I typically approach this by modifying the

external mask on the line appearance for each phone in the branch office(s).

That is probably the most straight forward approach. Though, you have to

touch each line (BAT) and you have to remember to modify the external mask

when creating a new phone. The latter point is the one that will be the


Outside of that, then you need to either modify the calling party mask using

a translation, route pattern, route list/route group transformation. f you

are leverage local PSTN connections at each branch office (i.e. Calls from a

branch phone go out a branch gateway) then you could look at using

transformation patterns at the gateway. Under the "Call Routing Information

- Outbound Calls" setting of a gateway. Look at "Calling Party

Transformation CSS".

If that isn't getting close to the mark on your question, then I think we

would need more information about where the call is failing. TBH, I didn't

follow your line of thought with phone lines being in a particular CSS don't

pass calling line ID.




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On 7/15/10 11:27 AM, "bterwilliger"

HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: External Mask/CallerID only forwards for certain Calling Sea

Thanks for the replies.

"Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask" is checked for the route patterns, I forgot to mention that I had previously set this. Each location does go out a seperate gateway, so now I'm thinking that may have something to do with it.

I've modified the mask on the line of the phone for testing, and that's where I found the non-corporate number only passes based on changing the CSS. For example, if I use the corporate CSS it passes, but if I use on of the site CSS it does not. To me it looks like caller ID information only comes through if I use CSS related to the corporate office, but if I set CSS to a branch office, it does not come through.

As far as the gateway configuration for each site, they differ in the settings for "" and "". The corporate gateway has both checked, however for the sites some have neither checked, some have one, and some have both. I thought this was related to voicemail, but could this also play a part?

For all the gateways, "Called Party Transformation CSS" is set to None. Not sure if this plays a part as well.


Re: External Mask/CallerID only forwards for certain Calling Sea

Well, chasing the Calling Search Space is not going to solve this issue.  Now, the CSS gives you a clue because it would dictate with Route Pattern you are hitting to go offnet.  So, you need to look at route patterns that are use to route the "bad" calls off net.  You can use DNA (https://yourcucm/dna) to analyze the call path.  This will identify the route patter, route list, route group, and gateways you are using for the good call and bad call.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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