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Fast Busy When Calling a CTI RP routed to a CCX Appliaction


I have a department of users that cannot transfer or call an RP that is used by a CCX application. They were able to do this just fine and then one day they said that it stopped working. When you call the RP from one of their phones you see it transfer to the JTAPI extension and then it goes to a fast busy. I am able to call this RP just fine from my phone and i am in the same Partitions and CSS's using the same gateway, in the same building! The only thing that is different is that one of the menu options that the application of this RP points to is a hunt pilot/group that contains this departments extensions and the order of this hunt group's DNs is the only thing that has been modified since they started complaining.

Thanks for any help!

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Marcos Assakawa
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi, It looks like a media negotiation mismatch from the description of the problem. What is the region configuration between the GW and UCCX. It should be G.711 since the UCCX only supports G.711. If the region configuration is correct, you may want to check the gateway configuration to verify if it is configured for G.711.  Thanks,  Marcos

Rising star
Rising star

To add what Marcos mentioned you also may want to check to make sure your transcoders (if you're using a codec other than G.711 that the other phones may be using) are registered and working correctly.  Have you reset the Hunt List that you said you modified / had a chance to reset the CCX server?

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