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First Customer Shipment (FCS) of the Cisco Unified IP Phones 8900 and 9900 Series December 18th!

Cisco is very pleased to announce First Customer Shipment (FCS), as of Dec 18, 2009 for the Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971, IP Phone 9951 and IP Phone 8961 endpoints along with the Cisco Unified IP Color Key Expansion Module. Orders for these endpoints are now being accepted.

For further information about the Cisco Unified IP Phones 8900 Series, 9900 Series or IP Color Key Expansion Module that are available, see the resource links below:

Product Introductions to Get Acquainted: (hosted on the Virtual Launch Experience):

Video Datasheet on the IP Phone 9900 Series/Unified Video Camera):

Video Datasheet on the IP Phone 8900 Series:

Video Datasheet for the IP Color Key Expansion Module:

Product Details Tour – More in-depth information on endpoints announced November 9th (hosted on the Virtual Launch Experience under IP Communications – Then select one of either IP Phone 9900 Series, IP Phone 8900 Series to view the Webex recorded playback):

Written Datasheets – Find the Specification Details Here (on

Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971:

Cisco Unified IP Phone 9951:

Cisco Unified IP Phone 8961:

Solutions Brochure – Useful in Determining Cisco Endpoint (hosted on the Virtual Launch Experience)

New IP Phone Solutions Brochure for Enterprise, Mid-Market and Branch offices.

Includes coverage of the IP Phone 3900, 6900, 7900, 8900 and 9900 Series endpoints, PC-based applications such as IP Communicator, and IP endpoint applications in a friendly, easy-to-reference, modular design.

Online Interactive Demos: (available via

Three dimensional demos of the IP Phone 9971, IP Phone 9951 and IP Phone 8961. Customers are able to zoom-in for closeups, rotate the phone to examine the ergonomic design and see the functions provided by the keys.

IP Phone 9971:

IP Phone 9951:

IP Phone 8961:

Finally, for those interested in the Cisco Unified Video Camera, delivery remains targeted for the CY 1H 2010 with support on both IP Phone 9900 Series endpoints. We’ll update the community with more specific delivery targets as we receive information from the IP Communications Business Unit in the coming year!

Happy Holidays to you all!

Kirk McNeill

Collaboration Solutions Marketing

Cisco Systems

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