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Flash only on a line during specific time of day


Here is the situation I have:

Durring the day a line needs to be set to flash only, at night it needs to ring. Per or customers instructions, we can't have multiple buttons for this line so using time of day in CUCM with a day and night line will not work.

Dose anyone have any ideas on how to do somthing like this?

We are using CUCM 9.1

Thanks in Advance

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

With the base product, you can only use time of day routing, and adapt your customer needs to what it actually delivers.

Otherwise you will have to look for a third-party application that modifies configuration on a time schedule.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

TOD only affects routing, not the behavior of a DN, you cannot have the same DN affected by TOD.

There's no native way to achieve what you want, flash at some times, and ring at others.

I believe only having a script running AXL to do that would achieve that. And I'm not even sure of that.



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if this helps, please rate
Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Michael,

Just to add a note to the good tips from my friends Paolo & Java (+5)

I know that users hate having to do anything hard like pressing a button

but if your user is up to it they could use DND during the day

Call Alert settings

DND incoming call alert settings determine how the incoming             call alert gets presented to the user when DND Ringer Off or DND Call Reject is             enabled. The following list gives the available options:

  • None - This option specifies that the DND Incoming Call Alert                     setting from the Common Phone Profile window will get used for this device.
  • Disable - This option disables both beep and flash notification of                     a call but for the DND Ringer Off option, incoming call information still gets                     displayed. For the DND Call Reject option, no call alerts display and no                     information gets sent to the device.
  • Beep Only - For an incoming call, this option causes the phone to                     play a beep tone only.
  • Flash Only - For an incoming call, this option causes the phone to                     display a flash alert.

You can configure DND Incoming Call Alert on a per-device             basis and also configure it on the Common Phone Profile window for group             settings. If you do not set up the configuration at the device level, the             Common Phone Profile settings get used.

Do Not Disturb



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- Bob Marley

Thanks for the replies,

I did a search, but couldn't find any 3rd party applications that can do what I need

I'm well aware TOD only affects routing, that is why I originally said it will not work for this issues.

Unfortunately, DND will affect all lines on the phone not just one particular line, so DND is not an option.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Michael,

Maybe if you can tell us why the customer desires this or what they are

trying to achieve we can think of an alternate method or some sort of work-around



"Your life is worth much more than gold." 

- Bob Marley

The CEO of this company will call a line when he needs to get in contact with someone. During the day time it should ring the admin phones, and also flash the other exec phones. Apparently this line ringing on these exec phones during the day is a no-no (not sure why).

This way the other execs have the option to pickup the call durrning the day, and if an Admin picks up the call they can place it on hold and let the other execs pick it up. They do not want to have to transfer a call off of this line, park it, or do anything except place it on hold and pick it up at another phone (I've already fought and lost this battle).

At night time the exec lines need to ring in addition to the admin lines. That way if an exec is working late and there are no admins to answer the line, they will have an audible alert that the CEO is calling.

This is a very inflexible group for this project. They had an old Tadiran system which could do what I described above, and they want the new Cisco system to mimic it. Unfortunately, they refuse to change their behavior for the new phones.

Right now, I think the only option I have is to go ahead and create 2 TOD numbers for this line - day and night. I would apply both lines to the phones, admins would have both lines set to ring. The execs would have the day line set to flash only and the night line set to ring. I can probably eventually convince the customer to do this but, if possible they would like to keep it to one line.

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