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Foward Cell No Answer to Unity

Our mobile users would like to eliminate their mobile voice mail acct and use Unity as their single vm box. If I set the mobile to CFNA to our Unity DID, and set the users mobile # as an alternate extension, callers are greeted with the Unity sign in message. Message monitor shows "check for cross box login" but no extension is listed. Is there any other way to have to caller go directly into voice mail?


Are you talking about Mobility feature in CUCM

If that is the case you need to modify timers.

Otherwise check call viewer under Tools depot and find out who is the Redirecting number...

Let us know

I'm not talking about mobility.

The redirecting # is the calling #. For example ext 5555 calls my cell phone and I do not answer; call is sent to Unity DID and call viewer shows calling # is 5555. User hears voice mail sign-in prompt rather than my greeting message.

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You could set the Mobile number as an alternative in Unity- Unity will read the CLI in the same way as an interanl call and deliver it to the correct mail box

The mobile # is set as an alternate in Unity.

We've made this work, but it's messy.

We use a unique DID for each of the mobility users for voicemail.

The mobile device is set to forward unanswered/busy calls to this DID.

The last four digits of that DID is a translation pattern, CSS set to voicemail_CSS, Called Party Transformation Mask #XXXX (last four of DID).

The last four entered as alternate extension in subscriber mailbox.

The number to access voicemail from the mobile device is also that DID, but we add *XXXX(mailbox number)#password# in the password string so they don't have to enter those digits when driving etc.


~ Liz

Rob Huffman
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Hey Liz,

WOW! That is some innovative thinking! +5 points for sharing this with others. Nice work!

Take care,


great Liz

5+ from me as well :)

but i want simple clearification

lets say the DID is 1235555

now the call is forwarded then will match the TP and became 5555

this 5555 how gonna be sent to the voicemail i mean unity to be reconized thorugh the alternate number?

secondly could u describe how this works please

(The number to access voicemail from the mobile device is also that DID, but we add *XXXX(mailbox number)#password# in the password string so they don't have to enter those digits when driving )



I'll try...

The TP has CSS for voicemail and the called party tranformation mask of #5555; puts the call forwarded from the mobile to voicemail and subscriber has 5555 as alternate DN so it's in the right voicemail box.

We have t-mobile blackberry's. You have the option to change the voicemail access number and the no answer and busy destinations. We use the voicemail DID in lieu of t-mobile's voicemail. This way the users only have to maintain one voicemail box whether the call comes from their Cisco phone or their blackberry is dialed directly.

We change the password string under the voicemail access number to what I posted so they don't have to enter anything themselves. The * preceeding the mailbox number tells unity you are logging into your mailbox.

I've done this with verizon blackberry's too. You have to put in a code to change the forward or have customer service do it for you, but it works the same.

I hope this answers all your questions and clarified our crazy set up for you.


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