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Full Mailbox Unit Connection 8.5 - Check for Outside Caller Messages (Warning prior to leaving a VM)

Hi Guys,

I need to know if it’s possible to warn a caller prior to leaving a message that the mailbox they ware calling into is full.  The default behavior seems to be to tell the caller after they finish leaving the message that the mailbox is full and the voicemail box will not be taking any new messages.

I believe the setting I am looking at is Full Mailbox Check for Outside Caller Messages, but as per the definition:

Indicates whether Cisco Unity Connection first determines if a user mailbox is full before allowing an outside caller to leave a message for the user. (The maximum size of a mailbox is determined by quota settings either on the Message Storage > Mailbox Quotas page or, if the quota is overridden for an individual user, on the Mailbox page for that user.)

When this check box is checked, if the user mailbox is full, the outside caller is not allowed to leave a message.

When this check box is not checked, Connection does not determine whether the mailbox is full; the outside caller is allowed to leave the message even if mailbox is full.

Note that this setting is applicable only to outside callers. If a Connection user signs in and sends a message to another user, Connection always checks whether the user mailbox is full regardless of whether this setting is enabled.

Default setting: Check box not checked.

But nowhere in the definition does it mention where it will alert the user, and the user after enabling this is indicating that they are hearing the message that a voicemail cannot be sent is after the caller leaves the voicemail, not prior.

Anyone deal with a similar issue, or know where to modify the setting?



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