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Future changes

Hello Everyone,

I have had CME running for about a year now in my home/home office and for the most part, things are working okay. But I think there is room for improvement, and I am looking for your thoughts and suggestions.


Here is the current setup: I have 4 SIP DIDs, 2120 (Business number), 2119 (Fax), 2112 (My personal DID), and 2113 (House mainline). 2120 goes to an AA running on CUE and 2119 to an analog port, I don't think either of these needs to be changed. Or I can't think of anything to do different there. If anything I guess I would like the business line to ring first and if no answer then to the AA. My private DID (2112) currently rings 2 phones in a hunt group, but this has been causing issues with the callerID information when the call goes to Unity. I get my extension information rather than the originating call information. I think I can fix this by only have the call go to a DN as a second button on my phone. I think I would still like the ability to answer from other phones, and I think that is what a group pickup is for but I am not sure. The main house line is where I think the most mess is, right now each IP phone has a default DN and that is assigned to button 1 of each phone, other than the 1 analog phone that is in the house. There is a hunt group that rings ext. 101-106 (105 being the analog phone) then to a AA to leave a message. So there are a few issues with this setup. 1) I can't add a BLF for the analog phone. 2) I am not sure if this is the best way to go at this.


Knowing all of this is there anything you would do to streamline this setup? Please let me know if you need any additional information.


Thank you

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