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FXO configuration for faxing on UCM 8.6 and MGCP gateway

Hi everybody.  Could anyone give me some pointers on what works for them when using a standard analog line connected to an FXO card on a Cisco 2901 gateway, MGCP controlled by a UCM BE 5000 8.6?  The fax machines are connected on an FXS card in the same router. When the fax machines use the PRI, we achieve 100% success, but when faxing over the FXO analog lines, we get about a 50% failure rate with the fax machines reporting "poor line quality."  Just for grins, the lines are directly connected right now and they do not report any line quality problems until we try to move them onto the gatewway.

If it helps any, in port configuration on the CallManager we have echo cancellation disabled, input gain at 0, output attenuation at 3.  For the gateway, we have modem passthrough enabled, Cisco fax relay disabled, T38 Fax relay disabled, RTP Package enabled, MT package disabled, RES packaged disabled, PRE package enabled, SST package enabled, RTP unreachable OnOff Enabled, and Type of DTMF relay is "current GW config."

Any pointers on how to get this more reliable would be appreciated.

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