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FXO port stays off-hook after call is ended from the PSTN


I have this scenario where I have a cucm 7.0.1 and a 2811 h.323 gateway and have a fxo port connected to PSTN. I used the command "connection plar opx" on my voice-port so that when I call from the PSTN going to my fxo port in my 2811 isr router, one ip phone will ring. Fortunately it does ring, but when I end the call from my calling number (from the pstn) the ip phone stays off-hook, the fxo port still has light, and the ip phone just change in busy tone but the call is not ended.

What and Where am I doing wrong? Am I lacking some commands on the h.323 (2811) side or on the CUCM 7.01 side? What command or settings must I issue so that my ip phone will go on-hook when I go on-hook from the PSTN?

Just an added information that when I call from the PSTN to my ip phone connected to the fxo port and then hang-up, the fxo port still has light in it and the ip phone still rings until the T301 timer on the CUCM is reached.

What command/settings am I missing? Thanks!

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Thanks for the link, it did gave me an idea on what is the source and possible solution to my problem.

As for the others that might encounter this same kind of problem that i do, here is the link for the solution I did

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