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G.729 IVR prompts on ISR


hi, all!

Did anybody recorded *.au prompts for ISR with G.729 payload?

I got a pretty headache trying to find the way to record or convert existing prompts to G.729...

Help will be very appreciated, thanks!

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hi, already replied in another thread.

Cisco recommends "cooledit". Other SW may do as well.

Hi, thanks, will try it also.

Now i'm leeching Sound Forge.

no results.

neither "cooledit" nor "sound forge" has no capability to save G.729 encoded files.

maximum result achieved - i have clean G729 encoded bitstreams created by asterisk's converter or using tools from here:

These files has no AU headers thus no playable by IOS.

Two another variants: use this tool, which requires Unity on windows (I have no Unity) ot to use built-in to CCM4 MOH transcoder (I have no CCM4).

may your recorder.tcl be used for this with incoming call thru g729 dial-peer?

thanks for your help.

neither "cooledit" nor "sound forge" has no capability to save G.729 encoded files

At least for cooledit, that incorrect. As I wrote in a previous post, the conversion is not done with "save as", instead you've so select all the stream, then hit F11 that activates the actual recoding. You see a progress window and it takes a little time.

If you changed the header format to g.728 in recorder.tcl, it should record a g.729 call as so, but I never tried that.

Sorry, I cannot find the way to save 729 from cooledit...

Maybe vesrion? I have 2.1.

F11 button only allows resampling but not recoding to 729.


Finally i got the result using au_convert.exe utility from Cisco TAC.

This is the only way to do this as I see.


Is there any chance to find the au_converter.exe on the CCO or on internet?

Thank you for your help.

Give me your e-mail, I will send you the file.


Thank you for the quick answer.

Email is

Many thanks.

Hi, please can you send file to me

Hi, could you send .exe file to


Hi Ilyaavers,

Please send me your au_convert.exe file. My email address is:

Thank you.

please can someone send me au_convert.exe


Hi, Could you send .exe file to

Thank you.

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