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Gateway and Route Pattern

We have a Gateway and Route Pattern setup in CUCM for use with MeetingPlace Xpress.  MeetingPlace is able to dial out but only with the use of a "9" before for the number.  We have 5 digit internal dialing and MeetingPlace is unable to dial out using 5 digit.  I must be missing something in the H323 Gateway or Route Pattern we created in CUCM.  Could this be an incorrect Route Partition selected for the Route Pattern?  Or could it be an incorrect setting for the Call Routing Information Inbound and Outbound under the H323 Gateway created?

We would like to have MeetingPlace be able to call either a 5 digit internal number and an external number without a "9".

Cisco Employee

Check the CSS of MP.  It must contain the partition of the external route pattern as well as the partition of the 5 digit DN's.


When you say CSS of MP, would that be the CSS used on the H323 Gateway created in CUCM?  The only CSS on the H323 Gateway is under Call Routing Information - Inbound, which sounds backwards to me.


That's correct.  When the gateway calls an internal DN, it is an inbound call from the CUCM perspective.


Forgive but I am having trouble wrapping my mind around Route Patterns and Partitions.  I see that our CUCM has many 9.@ Route Patterns but I dont see a Route Pattern for 5 digit DN.  I also see that there is not much configuration for Partitions.  How could I determine if we have a partition of the external route pattern as well as the partition of the 5 digit DNs?


Your 5 digit wouldn't be a route pattern, but a Directory Number.  Think of a DN as a route pattern that exists only internally.

There really isn't much configuration to be done for a partition, other than creating them.  They are simply identifiers for extensions and route patterns.  Let's use this example:

DN 5000 which resides in Internal_Partition

Route Pattern 9.@ which resides in External_Partition

Gateway1 which has access to Gateway_CSS

5000 and 9.@ are both routable by CUCM, but the partitions/CSS dictate which devices (phones/gateways/etc) have access to them.  So, if you wanted your gateway in this example to be able to call 5000 and 9.@, then you would need to place Internal_Partition AND External_Partition into the Gateway_CSS.

Here's more info on the topic:

Hope this helps.


Great information. For meeting place I was instructed to create a route pattern of the 5 digit dn callers would call for meeting place and a h323 gateway. I have created 51100 as a route pattern and it uses the h323 gateway I created. I don't think I could setup a dn of 51100 since there is a route pattern of the same. Since it is not a dn, would it be different?

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