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GD Secter'a vIPer phone

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I am unable to get a sectera viper phone to register with call manager. I have it built as a common 7960 sccp phone profile. When it boots up it will pull an IP address but will not register. This is my first time working with one of these phones and i do not know much about them so any help would be great!

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I have 47 of them on site working.  Did you get them up and running yet?  What version of CUCM are you running?  What version of software do you have loaded on the device?


GD has a very helpful support staff as well, and have helped me through many issues we've had with these, V,150 MER, DTMF, etc.



I am having issues my self if anyone can help me. I have my viper phones registered as Third party AS SIP endpoints and cant seem to get MWI to work. Everything else seems to work great. Any help is appreciated!!

Good Morning,

Was this resolved, I had the same problem before and had to install p.12 certificates on the vIPer to get it operational. Were you able to rekey vIPer over VoIP system? I was instructed to create a separate call group and create a TDM on my PRIs. I am trying that now but not very hopeful. 




Hi John,

I had Cisco and General Dynamics Engineer's work together for about a month and in the end GD said that MWI on SIP is not a supported feature at this time. They will work on it in the near future. As a side not they do not support secure calls over PSTN SIP trunks. The only supported methods are analog traversal over POTS lines and t-1/PRI lines. Just FYI for everyone.

FYI, they have released a soft modem feature wherein the encryption is from device to device, regardless of the underlying network (can be unclassed). In other words, does not need to be an analog or PRI anymore. 

Do you know if they fixed the secure call feature over PSTN SIP trunks? Im still running PRI so i don't have any issues but soon going to all PRI.

That is right about where I am now too coincidentally.  I was using SCCP over TDM and it worked fine.  But this year I built out 2 SBC's to connect to DISA and the vIPers do not connect for even clear calls.  So, I have been working on moving them over to SIP Protocol w/ SRTP.  I have been fighting with just getting the endpoint to register with CUCM.  The Identity certificate has been a real challenge, Have Cisco TAC open now because I am close, but getting "Unregistered: SIP Authentication failed" even though the digest user and password are identical on both the system and endpoint.


We are looking at dropping the vIPers all together as the ones we have are not even really being used for secure calls, they are just sitting there because they are TSG.  for secure voice the facilities use VoSIP endpoints.

as a follow up to my previous, I have this fixed now and have vIPers set up running as Third Party AS-SIP endpoints using SRTP/TLS over the SBCs.  It was an extreme hassle but once I got it figured out it was just a case of deleting the SCCP endpoints and rebuilding out to SIP.  I am right in the middle of doing so as our Cutover from TDM to SIP Trunks is tomorrow at noon lol.  I can post a better informational update after all goes well tomorrow.

Did GD confirm they will support SIP end points over SCCP? All of the docs I have read say SCCP only.

What was the end result? I have a similar scenario.