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Get my blackberry to recieve calls made to my IP phone whilst in Corporate Wifi which has no GSM/EDGE/3G signal

Hi - hope people can help us out here, or at least give me some pointers.

My healthcare organisation has recently moved into a building that has NO GSM//EDGE/3G signal - its one big faraday cage!!

A number of employees (300+) absolutley need to be contactable within the building and have built up a culture of giving out thier mobile numbers - this doesn't work now. The core requirement is to RECIEVE calls i.e when some calls thier desk CUCM IP phone, a device in thier pocket rings and it can be answered. Making calls is a bonus, as theres loads of desktop phones all over the place.

We've deployed some 792x phones and even got SIP clients working on Andriod Cisco Mobile 8.1 on iPhones ( haven't got dial out on working on Android/iPhone yet - but thats another question).

Talking to a number of SI they're saying our only option is Blackberry MVS (+ new servers + licenses + consultancy=££££ + time). I think its more than we need. Fixed to mobile, SNR, presence, is nice, but not essential - my customers want to be contactable and not carry a smartphone and 792xx in thier pockets around around with them.

Any ideas what i could do for my blackberry users that have integrated WiFi (they're all configured already to auto-connect to VoWLAN)


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