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h323-GW to AVAYA - redirect/forward issue

Hello guys,

at the moment i have a problem with a h323 connection to an Avaya PBX.

It looks like this:

The Avaya PBX has a H323 connection to our VoiceGW. From the Voice Gateway i have a h323 connection to the Callmanager(we did this, because the voiceGW and the Avaya PBX are in a Branch Office).

When i call my Cisco phones via an Avaya phone everything is ok, From Cisco to Avaya its also no problem.

But when i configure a CallForwardAll on my line (what points to an avaya phone) i will not reach the Forward Destination via an Avaya phone. When i call the Forwarded number from the Cisco side, the call will be forwarded to the Avaya PBX.

When i debug on the Gateway, i only see that the call goes to the CUCM, but i never see that the CUCM tries to forward the call to the Avaya PBX.

I tried SPs:

Allow TCP Keepalive for H323 - False
Allow Peer to Preserve Call - True

But nothing helped.

Does anybody have an idea why the forward dont work?


h323-GW to AVAYA - redirect/forward issue

Hi Daniel

Any error message is played when u try do that?

The calls aren´t reaching the GW right?

Ensure that the CSS option for CFwdALL allow calls for your Avaya phone.

Bruno Rangel

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Re: h323-GW to AVAYA - redirect/forward issue

On the Avaya, have you enabled SA8507. This option allows H.245 negotiation between the Avaya and other 3rd Party PBX systems. You don't state what Avaya CM version you are using. If you are using ACM 5 or 6, I would use SIP trunking. It goes together more quickly and doesn't need the SA8507 option. To see if the option is available on the Avaya issue the following command, "display system-parameters special-applications" and look on page 4, line 4.

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