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James Hawkins

Has anyone set up Mediasense yet?


I have a customer with mainly 7940 IP phones (no Built in Bridge) registered to CUCM 8.6. They recently moved to CUBE gateways on ISR 2921 routers for PSTN access.

They now need a recording solution so I am looking at options.

The 7940 phones do not have the Built in Bridge feature and so cannot fork media to a recording server.

One option is SPAN based recording but this will be tricky in their environment as they have three sites linked by 100Mbps Ethernet circuits and I have found that RSPAN chews through the available bandwidth.

The other option seems to be Network Based Recording using the Mediasense product. However not many people seem to know much about it yet.

I have read the SRND and have a few questions.

  1. If I run it on an SRE module could this sit in the 2921 router that is acting as the CUBE?
  2. If I did run it on the SRE is there a mechanism to automatically move the recordings to another storage location?
  3. Is Medianet useful by itself or does it really need a third party application (Calabrio?) to work with it?

As well as these specific questions I would be interested in hearing about people's experience with the product - how easy was it to set up, did it prove to be a good solution etc.

James Hawkins

The lack of responses does not fill me with confidence in moving forward with this product!

Has anyone set up call recording by spanning a port connected to a CUBE running SIP? - if yes how did it go?

The CUBE at my customer is used for PSTN access for a CUCM 8.6 cluster. I would be interested in how much detail is lost compared to recording using SPAN with SCCP phones.

Frequent Contributor


I only have installed mediasense in a LAB environment, and yes it works.

But Mediasense is just the platform, no fancy web interface.

There is a default simple JAR application that can extract data based on a query.

Mediasense has API's so configure something yourself, or check if comercial available products suport media sense.

I know that ZOOM had plans to support it.

Sorry, that's all,



Thanks for the response.

Which platform did you install it on (UCS server or SRE) and was the installation ok or were there any issues?

I have the list of third parties that provide products that work with MediaSense and was considering the Calabrio offering.




Installed on UCS, and although it is some time ago when I played with it, I can remember that it was working immediately (not all that common in Cisco world )

But as I already said, it is a platform, you need 3rd party applications to make it usefull for the end user.

On the Cisco web site you can download a java application to test it.

I don't have experience with Calabrio, but I know that more recording companies provide mediasense support.



There is a free UI to Mediasense from Cisco Solution partner -

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