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Headache with CSS & Partition

I have got a Phone CSS configured to have  INT_PT, NAT_PT & LOCAL_PT and Line CSS configured to have BLOCKEDINT_PT & BLOCKED-XYZ_PT.

INT_PT, NAT_PT & LOCAL_PT - Associated with corresponding Route Patterns.

BLOCKEDINT_PT - Associated with the Translation Pattern, I have got the option 'Block this Pattern' to be enabled.

BLOCKED-XYZ_PT - Dummy Pattern, nothing is associated with this. The description says 'Blocked Toll Fraud Calls'.

If I dial international no., obviously my call will not be completed as we have got Translation pattern configured to block.

My question is, if I dial the National no., will the call be connected or dropped.

My second question is what is the use of the partition 'BLOCKED-XYZ_PT' and where it comes into the picture.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Without truly knowing your whole dial plan and how it looks you can only get assumptions.

From your config it looks that national calls should be allowed.

What's the use of 'BLOCKED-XYZ_PT'??? that's something only YOU can find out by looking at your configuration and looking at where that partition is being used and what is associated to it.



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Hi Vinoth,

Looks like you are using line-device approach for assigning calling privileges to phones in your network. In this you actually block patterns on your line level and allow the other patterns on the device level. Since line CSS has higher preference over device CSS, the blocked patterns will be blocked first and then only will the Call Manager look for the allowed route/translation patterns on the device level. Check the following doc for more info

In your case as java said, if NAT_PT is for the route patterns for national calls and since its allowed, national calls should be allowed from that IP phone. As far as the BLOCKED-XYZ_PT partition is concerned just by the info you have provided, its impossible to say what it is supposed to do. Check what all entities are there in that partition.




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Avinash Mohod

Regarding first question if you have not created a translation pattern which matches with National number and is blocked, your national calls will go through.

Regarding second question can you let me know where you get the information about creating partition BLOCKED-XYZ_PT and what pattern is associated with it.

We have got the line level CSS configured and all have got this partition BLOCKED-XYZ_PT in them. Moreover, I didn't find any of the patterns associated with this partition.

In that case, apart from International calls nothing will be blocked. If you want to block particular patterns like Toll free calls or service numbers then you can use partition to configure the translation or route pattern to block it.

K. Thanks

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