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Hearing aid bluetooth connection to IP Phone

Will the IP 8851 bluetooth connection be able to connect with my "COM-DEX" by Widex, device? This device sends and receives bluetooth signals and thru a "tell-coil" it sends a signal to my hearing aids. This device uses bluetooth standard to connect to other devices, like my Android phone. Using headsets with hearing aids just doesn't work well and is not comfortable. Here are some of the device's bluetooth specs-

Modulation - FHSS/GFSK, pie/DPSK, 8DPSK

Frequency -  2.45 GHz ISM

Bandwith - 1MHz

Data rate - 3 Mbit/s

Data flow - Time division duplex (TDD)

Protocol - Packet based protocol, time divided.

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I recently implemented the

I recently implemented the 8851 with hearing aid, I don't know the model or brand, but it worked very well for the user via bluetooth.

Thanks Chris! That is great. 

Thanks Chris! That is great. 

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Let us know how it works out.

Let us know how it works out.

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Re: Let us know how it works out.

Can anyone provide me with some detailed steps to pair my Com-Dex with my new Cisco IP 8851 phone?  I have turned on Bluetooth.

Then I select Add Bluetooth device.

My device is discoverable, and shows up.  

I then select Pair.

But then it says Connect Failed.

Please help me figure this out.



Re: Let us know how it works out.

I have a customer with hearing aids.  Oticon,  he purchased an 8851 with the hopes of pairing.  the phone does not see his hearing aid at all.  Any thoughts?


Re: Let us know how it works out.

We use a ClearSounds QH2 bluetooth adapter plugged in to the 8851 along with an Oticon streamer for the user.  The hearing aids pair with the streamer and the streamer pairs with the QH2, which is connected to the headset jack on the phone.  You can then use the headset button to answer and terminate the call.  


Re: Let us know how it works out.

Thank you for your help. I would like to find a long-term solution that didn't require another piece of hardware. So he is able to pair his hearing aid to his IPhone. We then forwarded his phone to his mobile. Thanks for the quick response.

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