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Help! Arc Con. Attendant - CTI Manager service cannot be started


Help!I know it's a long shot but I was wondering if anyone had similar issue in CUEAC?
Our receptionist this morning complained they couldn't login into attendant console.

After investigating, it turns out, the "ARC CTI Server" windows service on the server cannot be started no matter what you do.
We've rebooted the windows server 3 times to no avail. Checked to see if it may be a windows patch that may of caused the issue but last update was a week ago. From CUCM side the "CTI manager" service is definitely running on PUB and all SUB nodes.  Unless there's something else that I need to check from CUCM side that maybe causing the "ARC CTI manager" service to stop working altogether?
Don't really know where to look from here as there's not much else to look into.

*Running Windows 2012 R2 For Arc Pro Console Attendant v6.1.1, CUCM 11.5




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Roger Kallberg
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VIP Mentor

Have you looked in the logs in either Arc or in Windows to see if it would reveal any additional information on why this happens?

Not having any first hand experience with either Arc nor Cisco’s OEMed variants of Arc I could not say exactly what could be at fault, but if I where to venture into a guess I would say that you should check in CM that the settings for the integration is still as it requires. For example the user account that is likely used by Arc to connect with the CTI service in CM does it still have the required rights assigned and is the password still the same and not expired?

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Thanks Roger. I've checked the app user credentials on CUCM. No changes there.

We also decided to restart CTIManager service in CUCM just in case, however to no avail.

The only error msg that seems to be related to the problem is the below exception from Arc CTI server. Unfortunately the error msg itself is not too helpful.


Arc CTI Server v6.1.1.1372
Arc Solutions (International) Ltd
Copyright ® 2015 Arc Solutions (International) Ltd

3/08/2021 5:00:16 AM.33 [E] [-1]:** EXCEPTION ** : MettoniTcpSocketServer.RunClientConnectionWorkerThread() - DebugCode:10080, System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Receive(Byte[] buffer)
at MettoniTcpSocket.MettoniTcpSocketServer.RunClientConnectionWorkerThread(), THID:16
3/08/2021 5:00:16 AM.52 [E] [-1]:** EXCEPTION ** : MettoniTcpSocketServer.RunClientConnectionWorkerThread() - SocketErrorCodes: Win32NativeErrorCode=[10054], SocketErrorCode=[ConnectionReset], ErrorCode=[10054], THID:16


As my response was not really a solution for your question I would recommend you to remove the mark as answered. Otherwise you’ll likely not get the help needed from other peers in the community.

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Has there been any other changes to your system landscape that could influence this? Like any update to the CM?

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This post seems to match pretty well with your error message.

Do you have any anti virus or firewall software running on the Arc server? If so try to disable it to see if it solves the problem.

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Thanks again,

In regards to that we're running windows 2012 R2 but may be related. Local windows firewall is turned off and there's no firewall between Arc server and CUCM as they're both contained within the same subnet. Thought, we might try test and turn the AV off in case it's culprit.


There hasn't been any changes to CM other than uploading new CA Root cert as tomcat-cert onto CUCM cluster, which to fix our LDAP secure sync with LDS Server along with rebooting Tomcat service on CUCM.
This actually done a day prior to the ARC CTI service failing on the ARC server though, but I think it's unlikely to be the issue.

Nithin Eluvathingal
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Reach out to arc  support.

Support Alias
Support URL



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