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HELP - Modify user group by bulk un CUCM 8.6

Hi guys,

I am having problem by update/modify user group on CUCM.

There are already some users within user group with admin privileges. That should be changed, so I created a group with some privileges and then I tried to change the usergroup by bulk. but the bulk ADDS the usergroup to the correct and maintain both.


After that I decided to have 2 rows, for the same user, one for the group with empty space (to delete it), and another with the new usergroup. But CUCM does not either do that. it sills maintain the user group..


Does anyone has successfully changed the user group by bulk?

I will appreciate your advices.


Update Users - Custom File


Begin Time : 04/29/2015 13:46:41



Query :


Update Users in CUCM_1L_Template.csv




Failure Details :


users Error Code Error Description


******** NO ERROR FOUND ********




Result Summary :


UPDATE for 2 USERS passed.

UPDATE for 0 USERS failed.



End Time : 04/29/2015 13:46:41


Kind Regards.

Juan Gerardo Hernandez

CCNP Voice