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Help needed for 7961G & 7945 G

Level 1
Level 1


I have 2 cisco IP phones 7961g & 7945g.Both of these were used at different branch were the CUCM is placed.

We have VPN connectivity to that branch,so we thought of placing these 2 phones at our branch.

when i powered the IP phones( thru PoE switch) it started normally but was strucked at configuring ip.

when i checked the phone all the sttings were related to the previous branch.One of my friend suggested me to reset the phones by 123456789*0#.

After resetting both the phones the problem started :

1. the 7961 shows a blank screen after

2. the 7945 shows upgrading n nothing happens after that.

Please help me as i'm new to voice n this is the first time i was assigned this task.

We r using CUCM 7.0(6).

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Terry Cheema
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

If you had plugged the working phones from other site as you have mentioned - They already had the correct firmware. It looks like your phones are not able to contact CUCM. Can you make sure the dhcp for the phones has the correct option 150 set to CUCM? In case, traffic is going through a firewall make sure CUCM is allowed.

Your phones are not dead, once you sort out connectivity to CUCM, they should be able to download firmware. There are other ways also to put the firmware back, But I would suggest resolving the connectivity to CUCM as without that your phones will not register to CUCM even if they have downloaded the firmware.

You can recover from blank screen if you want by downloading the firmware on your pc and using tftpd32 ( But this will just put firmware back and phones will not register unless they can contact CUCM. Or if you take them back to original or other working sites, they will download the firmware and will be fine again.


Hi Terry,

Thanx for ur response. As i mentioned earlier the  phones are connected to a 2960 PoE switch which is in turn connected to a  4507R-E core switch where the voice vlan n others are defined.The voice  vlan is 22 n has all the info needed.

The CUCM is placed at HQ where the phones were previously used.We have VPN connectivity to them.

I'm unable to check DHCP settings as we have only the info abt the voice vlan as shown in the config.

Plz help me to solve this issue as it is too long now.

Hi Mansoor

You would be able to check the DHCP server IP and the IP address if the phone had received any(else it would retain the old ip which it had), check if it matches the ip of ur dhcp server. The tftp server and the cm ip should also display on the phone. Check network connectivity from your voice vlan to the dhcp server by doing a Ping using the voice vlan as source.

If the phone has IP..try to ping that IP from the cucm.

Run debug ip dhcp server packet, this will show dhcp requests.


Hi Ajay ,

As i mentioned earlier the phones are i blank /upgrade state .I'  unable to check anything on the phone.

But when i first got the phones the configuration was there according to that particular site.

can u just tell me how to check whether the phone r doing a DHCP request or not.

As u can check the config the ip helper-address is defined so that the phones can request for DHCP.

I'm a bit confused as the phones were working at that site n problem started when i brought them here at my site.

Kindly suggest.

Thanx in advance.

Anas Abueideh
Level 9
Level 9


kindly make sure you have assigned voice vlan to the port connected to the phones. also check if cdp advirtisement is working by running "show cdp", you should find cdp-v2 advirtismenet enabled. if not, you need to enable it.

Confirm you have a connection between voice interface in the branch and the call manager in the HQ. create dhcp pool for phones in the branch with option 150 pointing to the publisher. if the DHCP server located in HQ you have to apply ip helper-address command under the voice interface.



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