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Help Routing Incoming Calls From a Specific ANI to a Specific DN in My Switch


Dear Cisco Experts: here's my dilemma: the local sheriff's office lets inmates make calls from a payphone (at least I'm told it's a payphone). They call our switchboard (CUCM v10.5) and ask to be transferred to an outside line (presumably calls they can't make from a pay phone???). The operator has been instructed (per the Public Defender's Office) to route these calls to the PD office only. The switchboard operator has complained to me that she gets inundated with these calls on a regular basis, to the point where it interferes with her handling other calls. I'm looking for a possible solution where I can have my CUCM route these incoming calls (using caller id of the pay phone) directly to the PD office without going thru the switchboard. The PD line uses a call handler in Unity Connection v.10.5. Is this possible? -Beth

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Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Assuming the call flow is that the phone is registered as a CUCM device, you can just configure a catch it all translation pattern which is the only thing that phone can reach, and send the calls to the PD office.

Or configure a PLAR on that device.



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Dennis Mink

I am with Jaime on this one, rather than changing the number that they dial from the pay phone (for instance 1200), translate that same 1200 number into the number of the PD Office number.

Apply this only for the payphones by means of a translation pattern that is ONLY available to the payphones (by means of changing the CSS on the payphone line).

 This means that ANYTHING else calling 1200, will still get through to the switchboard as per usual.


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