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Help, voice mail arrives late for unity con 8.

Hi all,

Good morning.

The department of IT have been experiencing voice mal delay when they cannot aswer a call, usually the message arrives to their mail 30 minutes later, and they notice it by the MWL is ON.

I did some tests, and actually there is a problem.

I pick up my phone, I call 80 555 1212, and when there is no answer, I heard the message "John Allison, is not available, please record a message for him", I speak some words and go to John's office, he did not recieved any messages,also he entered to his voice mail account and there wasn't any new messages either.

I am currently using Cisco Unity 8.6, and Call Manager 8.6

I have voice mail pilot, reachable on my voice aml partition, and also I have the correct configuration on both sides of my lines, and the unity adminstration.

Could you please help me on this?


David Hailey

First, I'd like to verify if some users do actually receive voicemail even if it is delayed.  The reason I ask is because of the specific scenario that you describe where you call and hear a greeting, seemingly record a message, and walk away could be a one-way audio issue where the audio (i.e., you hear Unity Connection but it does not hear you).  If; however, the message was delivered later then that would eliminate that as a potential problem.  If it is the latter, have you looked in the application logs on the server to see if there any errors being logged at that level?  Micro traces are also an option.  Alternatively, you could also try restarting the Message Transfer Agent service in Unity Connection Serviceability.  This is a critical service from an application perspective and is responsible for message delivery.

In terms of your post, if you are able to redirect to voicemail and get the proper integration with user mailboxes then you wouldn't need look at the CUCM configuration so much at this point unless...if it was purely an MWI-related issue then you would but doesn't sound like the problem based on your post.


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Hi David,

I was wrong in the description on this topic, the problem was that the unity Voice mail did not arrive at any time. :S

I was able to solve this problem and what I did is in this link.

thank you very much for yout time.

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