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Help VoIP bandwith calculation over an SD-WAN Link.

Hi Pals,

We were discussing today about how much bandwidth we need to allocate per call or per connection to incoming and outgoing voice. SD-WAN has for some reason degradated the quality of the normal voice operation compared against the MPLS or Metro-Ethernet.


I am trying to figure it out: 1. if the Legacy VoIP Standard also applies to the SD-WAN and how much percentage needs to be assigned to voice.



300 ms latency

30 ms jitter

1% packet drop.

30% bandwidth allocated to priority for voice


is all that still valid for SD-WAN?


2. Also, please help me to answer this question.

How much bandwidth per call do I need to allocate from my links if the codec is G711 or G729.

I know we need to calculate payload, L2, L3/UDP overhead... and that's it? no GRE or IPSEC or Site to Site VPN? for the calculation?



Thank you very much for your help.


Roger Kallberg
VIP Advisor

The encryption protocol header(s) would need to be included in the L3 overhead in your calculation. What medium are you using for your SD-WAN?

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Well, the way I think the way we are doing it, is:...


SDWAN Device --> Ethernet Cable --> Cox Internet --> Coaxial Cable --> SDWAN Carrier MPLS Cloud 1 --> ENTERPRISE MPLS Cloud 1  --> Enterprise Data Centers.


We are using the local internet as a undelay connection to route to the SDWAN Carrier MPLS Cloud 1 then Enterprise MPLS.

Do you guys have a recommendation for G711 QoS for these cases?


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