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help wanted in configuring extension voice mail for sip trunk but not pstn trunk

         Hello Folks ,

we have two trunk one is sip and anther one is pstn , my voice mail is in some third country  and that is routed through SIP , now my requirent is if some body call at my extension from PSTN , it should 8-9 ring then disconnect m but never goes to voice mail , and have another requiremnt m is that if some body call from any country on SIP trunk ,m if no body pick call , call should go to voice mail , in present condition both pstn and sip trunk land on voice mail . is it possible folks , as it work other switches .

i have connectivity

CUCM------- SIP------ CUBE-------SIP--------- Voice mail



                               SIP PSTN

thanks in advance folks , pls helpme out .



Antonio Taylor
Cisco Employee

Let me see if I got this right, you need to avoid one type of calls go to voicemail qnd others not. Based on the incoming sip trunk?

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Yes sir ,

Thanks for responding , i want to use voice mail only for SIp trunk due to regulatory issue , but voice mail profile is default , so every call goes to vocie mail .



What you need to do is this..

1. Create a seperate partition eg, PT-internal-pstn

2. create a new extension with the same DN as the one you are talking about, put it in the new partition. Do not assign any vm profile to this new DN. Do not configure a cfw noan to VM.

3. Assign the new PT to your PSTN gateway CSS. Remove the PT of the old DN (the one that goes to vm) from this gateway CSS.

This way when a call comes from  the PSTN it will macth the DN with no vm.


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Antonio Taylor
Cisco Employee

From the CUCM perspective the calls are routed to VM if the voicemail profile is configured. With that been said i wil say the calls will go to voicemail if the VMprofile is configured regardless of the gateway that received the call.

The only workaround will be to create a call handler in Unity that pick up the calls you need to disconnect and use the option to hung up call.

Hope that give an idea

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