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Help with Extension Transfer Rules

CUCM: System version:

Cisco Unity Connection version:

Above is the versions we are running. I seem to be having a bit of an issue. I am a rookie when it comes to the Cisco phone system so its likely something blatant I am missing. Our system is setup to call a mainline number and after 5 rings it then rolls over to another extension. If that extension doesnt pickup it hits that extensions voicemail.

Nowhere in the system can I find the initial line transfer to x partition after x rings. Where can I find this? doing call routing -> route plan report and looking up the mainline number Call Forward and Call Pickup Settings doesnt show a forward anywhere on the line. I dont see anything under the CTI route report either.

I cannot seem to find where I am missing this transfer setup.


Are you looking for the "No Answer Ring Duration (seconds) field?  It is in the DN configuration page under the Call Forward and Call Pickup Settings..


I dont see it there. Basically if you calll our main phone # lets say the number is -1-800-222-4000 so the extension 4000 currently rings 5 times then if there is no answer it will transfer to an extension 4050. I am trying to find where in the system extension 4000 is transfering to 4050. I dont see it anywhere.

I am trying to transfer it to a different number.


I see.  I assume extension 4000 is configured on a phone, correct?  If so, when you go into the config page for that extension - under the CF and cal Pickup Settings - are the settings set to forward to voicemail (checkbox) or under the destination is there the extension 4050.

It does not sound like x4000 is a phone though and your sure it's not a CTI RP.


That is an interesting question.... 4000 does exist as an extension but those settings as show below are not configured. it doesnt tie in to a phone. we use attendant console for that #. But if nobody picks up the 4000 line after 5 rings it auto tranfers to 4050.

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