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Help with FXS door phone and CME

Hi, I am needing some help with a config for an FXS port off of a CME 4.0 unit to a Door phone/ door bell. What I have is a door phone that when the button is pressed its is plar'd to a number that rings on all of the phones. the problem that I have is that if someone answers the door (not the phone) the inside phones keep ringing until the default system timeout expires, and then the door phone plays a 1-2 second busy tone until the port disconnects. Is there any way that I can reduce the number of rings that is played out and how do I keep the FXS port from playing the busy at the end of the ring cycle?

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Re: Help with FXS door phone and CME


Add these commands to your FXS voice-port to shorten the ring duration and disconnect timeout. Adjust the timers in the commands below accordingly.

voice-port 3/0/0

connection plar 2000

timeouts wait-release 1

! this will hangup the FXS after 1 second after busy (minimum)

timeouts ringing 5

! this will stop ringing the phone after 5 seconds

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Re: Help with FXS door phone and CME


The above configuration will work only for standard FXS ports, but can't be implemented on an ATA running in SCCP mode, as apparently the voice-port x/x/x command is not applicable. The question really then is how to implement the hotline feature on an ATA186 running in SCCP mode. This is what I have been unable to find to date. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.


Re: Help with FXS door phone and CME

A post by Kenneth Mohammed in another thread pointed to a document which did the trick. I also had an analog door phone hooked up to an ATA an spent a bit of time trying to get a PLAR defined for that port so that pressing the doorphone button would autodial an internal hunt group. Problem is that you cannot specify voice-port x/x/x for a SCCP ATA.

The solution as Kenneth suggested is to use the intercom feature....."It's so simple, even a caveman (like me..) can do it...". It's in the doc anyway.

ephone-dn  11

number 4235

label doorphone

name doorphone

intercom 4444

ephone  11

mac-address 1C58.F93E.1401

button  1:11

That's it. One minor issue is that I notice the phones in the hunt group ring once AFTER they hang up. I'll chase that one down another day, for now, I'm happy. Thanks again Ken. Issue closed for me at least.


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