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Help with SPA504G phones on 2811 router

I am new to VoIP. I acquired several SPA504G phones and a 2811 router. I want to setup a basic VoIP lab environment with this equipment. I have interface Fa0/0 on the router connected to a basic 8-port switch, and a couple of phones connected to the switch. I eventually got an extension number assigned to both phones, and I get a dial tone on both phones. Since I'm new to VoIP, I'm pretty sure I missed some configurations, but I don't know what. Both phones have 1 line. Phone 1 has extension 1001, and phone 2 has extension 1002. As I mentioned, they both connect to a basic switch. When I try to call extension 1002 from 1001, and vice-versa, the phone says "Invalid Number." The running configuration of my 2811 router is attached. I would highly appreciate assistance, since I cannot figure out what I'm missing. Please be as specific as possible, since I'm not too familiar with VoIP configurations.

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There needs to be dial string

There needs to be dial string down the bottom of the relevant Ext tab on the web interface of the SPA504g which matches the number you are trying to dial.

Also your PABX (eg Asterisk) needs to have a corresponding dialplan entry which matches the number and initiates a call to the other phone. It is simplest if you have both phones configured to be in the same Asterisk context.


scottys94 is not running

Asterisk or other SIP based server. According the show_run.txt he is running CME on 2811. In such case the configuration of SPA504G should be driven by CME and the issue needs to be corrected on it.

Because of it, it's better to ask in IP Telephony. I will move thread here.


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