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Help with troubleshooting ATA 186 and CallManager 4.1

I am looking for advise on troubleshooting a ATA 186 and Cisco CallManager 4.1 cluster (2 servers only Publisher and Subscriber).  The ATA is configure with two lines providing analog to a fire panel for monitoring.  My issue is the fire panel will flash an alarm once or twice a week about communication failure usually around 1 AM.  I have tested the phone line to the panel for dial tone which is good.  I also can not find any signs of the ATA unregistered in the event log on the server.  Any advice would be greatly appeciated.

Cisco Employee

Hi there,

If you are seeing alarms on the Fire Panel and its getting corrected: Need to isolate what could be causing the issue:

Would advice to capture ATA traces as below:

Steps you need to follow in order to configure the ATA to send events/messages to your computer (or the computer that is going to be setup as the syslog server):

1) Please download the kiwi syslog daemon software from:

2) Once the software has been downloaded, please install it on your PC (or the PC that is going to be setup as the syslog server). Please make sure this PC has network connectivity to the ATA


3) Once the syslog server is ready on you computer, please go to the ATA debug parameter’s page (http://ATA-IP/DebugCfg) and configure the parameter shown below (let’s say for example that the syslog server IP is
TraceFlags: 0xffffffff

Once the ATA and the syslog are configure: Once you have the logs, attach them here and we can review and advise of action plan

Also, we would appreciate if you can provide a call flow as below:

FireAlarm system --- ATA-186 --- ? How is this configured, is there call manager in the call flow ? --- what is the pstn gateway ? ---

Below is the ATA-186 resource link with more information on traces:

Thanks and Regards
Prashanthi Velpula


Hi Prashanthi,

For the call flow the ata is registered to Cisco Call manager 4.1 using sccp and we have two PRI connected to 2811 routers.  The fire panel lost connection last night around 3:41, can look at the logs for any error.  Also is there any documentation on how to read the output of the debug?