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Help with Wrong Caller ID and Translation Rule on CUBE

Hi Folks,

We are running E.164 dial plan in our infra.

When calls made from outside US to any number , specially the calling party which has 10 digit dialing pattern are showing wrong display id on phone.

The reason for it being the Rule configured on CUBE.

voice translation-rule 2
rule 1 /^\+\(.*\)/ /+\1/
rule 2 /^[2-9]..[2-9]......$/ /+1&/
rule 3 /^1[2-9]..[2-9]......$/ /+&/
rule 4 /^[2-9]........./ /+&/

So when You make calls from Lets see Belguim we get below result.

#test voice translation-rule 2 3227220131
Matched with rule 2
Original number: 3227220131 Translated number: +13227220131=====> Comes on Phone display.
Original number type: none Translated number type: none
Original number plan: none Translated number plan: none

1#test voice translation-rule 2 918030005900
Matched with rule 4
Original number: 918030005900 Translated number: +918030005900
Original number type: none Translated number type: none
Original number plan: none Translated number plan: none

We dont want to change anything on CUCM , so is there a chance we can make any rule on CUBE to countries who has 10 digit calling.

Vivek Batra

Do you see any specific reason of using #rule2 as I believe that you will always be receiving 1 as a prefix in CLI when getting calls from US and if that is the case, #rule3 will suffice this requirement. Considering this, if you can remove #rule2, you should be good to go.

- Vivek 

Hi Vivek,

Thanks for the reply !!

Yes, the reason being the call back functionality. When user receives a call when call made within US , +1 adds to enable it.

Now this not working for those countries which has 10 digit numbers. For India it works fine as we are with country code comes to CUBE as 12 digits and hence the rule 4 gets selected.

But for Belgium as the digits are 10 they CUBE takes as call made within US and adds +1.

Hi Prashant,

I understand that's why I mentioned that when you call to US from US number, you always get 1 as prefix in CLI and to call back (/or to globalize), you would add + to this which is taken care by #rule3 and if that is the case, you would never need #rule2.

Right now, calls from Belgium are hitting #rule2 and hence you are seeing +1 in those calls. If you remove #rule2, those calls will be hitting #rule4 and you should be good to go.

- Vivek

Hi Vivek,

The issue is we can not remove rule as its serving the calls made within US as well.

For example: Calls made by NY to Miami....

in this case the calling party will be added with +1 and then user calling back the E.164 format will make that possible.

and rule 4 is working for all other countries except for those which has 10 digit pattern

Any other rule or configuration which can help here

Hi Prashant,

Apologise for the late reply.

Do you mean calls made from NY to Miami deliver 10 digit CLI? If yes, it won't be an easy situation to handle. You have to have some info to identify between national and international calls.

I assume you've digital circuit to connect to PSTN instead of SIP and if it so, you can check the plan/type in case you get the correct info from TELCO to identify call type and apply translations accordingly.

- Vivek

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