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Cisco Unity Connection Administration


I want to set up a message for the helpdesk phone to have a message from  5pm to 8am that says

“We are sorry but the helpdesk is closed, hours are 8am-5pm, please leave a message or submit a ticket.”


Them between working hours 8am to 5pm when they line is busy 

“We are sorry but all agents are busy, please submit a ticket or stay on the line for the next available agent.”


I really need a step by step instruction cause I have no idea how to do this and have it switches messages


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This can be done by Unity connection. But If you have no idea about the systems which you use,i would suggest to involve a partner good in voice to assist you. 


Help desk number is assigned on a single phone or is it a part of a hunt group ?

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@Nithin Eluvathingal 

I am trying to get my boss to get the correct contracts associated with our phone systems so I can put in a support ticket . I am familiar with hunt groups but no hunt group, no line list no, hunt pilot configured. But it's a single number distributed to several phones and it appears there is a call handler configured , and a CTI route point.  It looks like it is partially configured and not finished and of course I don't want to break anything on the phones since they are in use

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