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Hide DN on BLF


In the conference room, the phones have a BLF called "IT Emergency" that calls the DN 14159. This DN is only for emergencies, other IT problems needs to call 14149.


In the conference room, when someone press on the BLF, it shows IT Emergency but it also shows 14159.

We now having people going back to their office and calling this number for instant support for normal problems....

Is there a way to hide the DN on the conference room's phone ? We would like to show only "IT Emergency".


Thank you

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Gregory Brunn

Have you tried making it an URI to see that if changes the behavior?   Would want to test this  myself.

That would be our course if the alerting name and display name changes like Slavik said are still giving you problems. The URI is just a alias for the DN anyway.

Slavik Bialik
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Try to change the 'Display Name' and 'Alerting Name' of the line to not show the DN.
If it won't do the trick, you'll probably will have to make a special partition for this line, and make a different CSS that you'll assign to all devices and DNs that can dial to this emergency line. The rest, won't be able to dial it even if they know the number.

Something I forgot to mention is that there's no line 14159. It is a hunt list that makes 4 phones rings

Well than the URI idea is out but the alerting name is still in.

Alerting Name

Enter an alerting name for the hunt pilot in UNICODE format.
This name gets displayed on phones that the hunt pilot dials when it receives an incoming call, along with calling party information. The phone users can use this information to answer the call accordingly.
This name also gets displayed on the calling phone.
If you do not enter a name, the hunt pilot DN displays on the phones.

If that's the case, I'm pretty sure that if you'll change the 'Alerting Name' in the Hunt Pilot settings it'll do the trick.
Try it, and let us know.

I looked at th Hunt Pilot configuration and the "Alerting Name" and "ASCII Alerting Name" are already set correctly. Both have "IT Emergency".


Can it be something with the "Calling Party Transformation Mask" or "Called Party Transformation Mask" ? They are both empty.

Any idea ?

Dennis Mink