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Hold Fails - H225 GK Controlled Trunks

Level 1
Level 1

I am running CalManager 4.3(2) and we are having the following issue.  Please see attached picture for basic layout.

  • Configuration
    • CCM B is connected to Old GK using a H225 trunk
    • CCM A is connected to New GK using an H225 Trunk
    • Remote zones are configured between the two gatekeepers
    • Calls complete between the two clusters with no issue.
  • Problem
    • When you call from CCM A to CCM B calls will fail when placed on hold using phones in either cluster.
    • When you call from CCM B to CCM A call can be placed on hold with no issue in either cluster.
  • Observations
    • We have tried requiring MTPs on the trunks and neither situation works.
    • We have disabled MOH on both sides.

Any ideas?



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Level 1
Level 1

Hi Daniel,

Is the gatekeeper used as a WAN router between site A & site B? What is the codecs you are using over the WAN?

Did you check MoH is working fine on CCM A ?


Ahmed Rizk

  1. The Gatekeepers are not the WAN routers
  2. G.729
  3. We do not use MOH

Hi Daniel,

What you expect when you put on hold? Since you do not have any MoH, silence?

And when you said hold fails, did you mean to say call fails?

Can you try enabling MoH Service on ccm, make sure they have G729 Codec enabled


  1. Yes, Silence
  2. I activated MOH and set to use G.729
    1. When you place the call from CCM B to CCM A you can put calls on hold and resume with no issue.  MOH works
    2.   When you call from CCM A to CCM B and you try to place a call on hold the call fails.

Also, to take the gatekeepers out of the equation, I built an ICT between CCM A and CCM B.  I am getting the same call behavior while routing over it as I was when routing through the gatekeeper.