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Home UDS server for Jabber Clients

Hi All

I have a question that i hope someone here can help me shed some light on. We have a HCS deployment with CUCM clusters and IM&P nodes ,because this is a multi tenanted environment we can not use Service Discovery for the Jabber clients as each client has their own Internal DNS servers. Because of this we always use to set the IP of the CUCM manually on the Jabber client ,and this always worked fine. Recently we have come across an issue where this is failing and upon inspecting the Jabber PRT came across the following. When the Jabber client queries the CUCM Publisher for it`s Home UDS server ,the CUCM is actually returning this as an FQDN and not an IP address ,so when the Client then tries to query the Home UDS server for the server list etc ,the HTTP GET is failing cause it is unable to resolve the host name to an IP. As this was working fine before something must have changed ,but for the life of me i cannot get the server to return an IP address for the home UDS server ,also i can`t find where to change this anywhere in CUCM pages.

Thanks in advance


Something had to about System>Server

Is IP or Hostname captured?

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Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the reply ,i agree something had to change ,trying to find that something seems to be the issue.

Yes under System-Server all servers in the cluster is configured with IP Address. Not entirely sure if this is the only place that gets referenced when the Jabber client requests it`s Home UDS server.

Strange thing is that all queries sent from Jabber client to CUCM Pub is in IP format up to the point where it queries it`s Home UDS server and then gets a FQDN in response to the query ,it then tries to use the FQDN in all subsequent queries to CUCM.



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