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How can I create Time Period for the single day with two different time intevals

I wanna create Time Period that only available for Friday(00:00 to 09:00 & 17:00 to 24:00).

How can I create this?

Please tell me if u guys know, this is urgent...

Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Are you talking about CallManager?

Create two time periods, one for each time range, then one time schedule with both time periods assigned, then a partition with the time schedule assigned.

Thanks for your Reply.

My question is how do we configure Time period for a single day. For example, I want the Partition A will be available only on Friday (08AM to 10AM). If you check carefully, we have got two options, one is week from and another one is Year on. If you set Fri thru Fri, CUCM will consider this as fri, sat, sun, mon, tue, wed, thur and fri, am i rite? Now, how do you configure the Time period for friday alone. I think cisco hasn't placed the option to configure TP for the particular day. Please give your suggestion and let me know if there is any way....

Copied from help page for CCM4 (last BOLD line should be your solution):

  • Week from--If you click on the Week from radio button,  use the drop-down list boxes next to from and to to choose the  days of the week during which this time period applies.

    Examples: Choose a from value of Mon(day) and a to value of  Fri(day) to define a time period that applies from Monday to Friday. 

    Choose a from value of Sat(urday) and a to value of  Sat(urday) to define a time period that applies only on Saturdays.



Thanks for your stunning answer.

I thought the same thing about setting from value and to value to be same, but I misunderstood the concept and my logical thinkings went wrong.

Thanks heaps!

You are welcome. Glad that could help you. Cheers!

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