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How do I set up a HUNT group for 3 phones?

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I need help in setting up a simple HUNT group for 3 CISCO VoIP phones. If the first extension in line is busy the call should ring to the next extension that has been idle the longest. I've created the HUNT List and Line Group. I haven't been able to get it to work. I dial the first phone and it goes to Cisco Unity Messaging without going to the next extension in the list. We are using CUCM ver 10.5

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Level 1


I suppose you also created a HuntPilot. Then you need to link with the HuntList you created before.

To test : call the HuntPilot number and then you will see the HuntList numbers are called one by one (according to the algoritm you selected).

When you call the phonenumber of the first phone, only the settings for this number will be taken.

Best regards,

Geert Dewinter

Vivek Batra
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

This could happen if if you've configured 'forward hunt no answer' and maximum hunt timer is shorter than reversion timer.

Please provide more information about the configuration so that we can assist you better.

- Vivek