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How to associate new phone to existing directory number ?


A new phone has been added to the site and this new phone has to have the same number as an existing phone "8807". How to associate this new phone to the existing directory number ? Please see attachment. 

In the attachment you can see the 8807 is an existing phone and i need to add the new phone under "associated devices" list to ensure that new phone too gets the ring simultaneously. Also the existing phone 8807 has line 2 as 8800 which is the main directory.

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George Sotiropoulos
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Vinayak,


Under CUCM Admin Page, you will need to go to Device->Phone-> Add New Phone and fill-in all the details for example the type of the phone and its MAC Address, which is the unique identifying point.

Upon doing this, you will need to go to the left side at “Line Settings” and fill in the DN 8807 extension settings.

By the time you complete the above, you will have to Press save and reset the device.


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As George says, as soon as you add the directory number and partition to the new phone, it will see that it's the same number and will actually pull though some of it's settings.

As an alternative, if the phone is the same model you could clone the existing phone using "Super Copy" which is at the extreme right when you list phones.  That will make an identical copy, and you could change description etc as needed.

Will try it out

Will try it out

i canT acees the GUI interface i have cisco router so i have to add manually so please need commands


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