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How to change the language of the CUC IVR propting the the PIN folowed by pound

Hi everybody,

I'm working on CISCO Unity Connection v 10.5 and CUCM v10.5

I have a user trying to access a shared mailbox, but the CUC IVR propmting the username and PIN followed by pound is in French.

I have checked the configuration:

a- On the CUCM: the user locale on the device  in English.

b-On the CUC, the language set for the user and his greetings is English

My question is: How to change the language of the CUC IVR prompting the PIN followed by pound?

Thanks in advance, guys.

Cisco Employee

Hi Amine,

Hi Amine,

Is it happening for only one user? If yes then you can try deleting and readding this user/device on CUCM and Unity Connection.




Thank you Manish for the

Thank you Manish for the answer.

Actually yes, only users, one recently added, another one who never checked until recently.

I'll delete them and re-add them and see if the issue is resolved.

Can you tell me where can I set the language of the IVR message played when pressing the envelop button on the IP phone or dialing the voicemail pilot?

Cisco Employee

If the language selected

If the language selected under User settings and Call handler settings on Unity Connection is English then the only other place i can think of where the language can be specified is under the following :

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, expand System Settings, then select General Configuration.

Step 2 On the General Configuration page, in the System Default Language list, select the language that Unity Connection uses as the default language for playing system prompts.

Step 3 Select Save.

Step 4 Restart the Voice Processing server role for your changes to take effect.

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