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How to Configure SIP gateway to PSTN??


I have been trying to find a documenation to guide me to configure SIP Gateway that connect to PSTN.

Here is the scenarios:

  1. The SIP Provider will drop 10MB (Dedicated) which conenct to Gigbit Ethernet (Cisco 2911)
  2. I will assume after configuration, the gateway has to register to CUCM 8.5 (our current version)

Is there anyone someone can send me a simple of configuration of how to configure SIP at Cisco gateway??

Second, how to register to CUCM??  Is it configure as SIP Trunk??  Because I was trying to add gateway, but there is no SIP option there except MGCP and SCCP.

It will be great if anyone can send me how to register SIP gateway to CUCM also.

Thanks so much


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Cisco Employee

Re: How to Configure SIP gateway to PSTN??


You will need to configure a sip trunk to use the gateway as a sip gateway.

i will send you the sample configuration.

Cisco Employee

Re: How to Configure SIP gateway to PSTN??

Hi Ken,

Let me first of all try to understand are you trying to configure Sip gateway where The leg from the call manager is sip and from the router to the Telco is POTS leg( ISDN side ) ??

or are you trying to configure a CUBE (Cisco Unified Border element) Which is IP-IP gateway where leg from Call manager to the router is SIP and from router to the service provider (Telco) is also IP leg using either H323 or SIP Hence Resulting in IP-IP gateway.

In both the case the configuration you need to do on the call manager side is to Go to Device -->Trunk--->Add a Sip trunk

Just make sure the destination Ip address of the SIP trunk is the ip address of the SIP gateway or CUBE where the sip trunk isbeing terminated.

The Trunk Status Does not shows registered on Call Manager unlike MGCP where everything being controlled by Call Agent .

On the Gateway the configuration varies if you are using SIP gateway or CUBE.


PS : Don't Forget to rate if you find the info useful !!!

Best Regards,


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