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How to convert SIP to SCCP on CISCO 8945 phone?

Wesley Santos

I have a CISCO 8945 ip phone here with the protocol SIP, but i need to convert to SCCP. I saw the firmware file to download, but i don't know how to install.

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Do you have a CUCM or CME available?

Please Kudos/rate if this help!

Please Kudos/rate if this help!

yes !


Did you manage to accomplish this?

If so, what steps did you use.

I'm also looking to accomplish this to allow the 8945's to connect to UCCX 10.6.   Does anyone have a link or experience with this process?

When adding in a new device to CUCM, such as the 8945, you should have an option to select the device protocol after the phone type selection page. Changing this to SCCP instead of SIP should do this. You need to re-add already existing phones to convert them from SIP to SCCP as far as I know.

I talked to Tac.  Here's the solution:


When you want to go from SCCP to SIP

1) Delete the phone(s) on the “Device –> Phone” page
2) Set the auto registration protocol to SCCP on the System –> Enterprise Parameters
3) Restart your phone by unplugging the power cable of your phone(s)
4) Wait 10 seconds and put the power cable back in and wait

Your phone(s) should now boot and upgrade (or migrate) itself to the SCCP image.
When it does not work the first time just try it the second time …



Please find the step for migrating phones from SIP to SCCP and SCCP to SIP.


Create a new phone (SIP) template:

- Go to Bulk Administration –> Phones –> Phone Template
- Click on “Add New
- Select the phone type you want to create the template for and click on next
- Select the SIP protocol and click on next
- You will see a bunch of options and change the options that are mandatory.
- When done click on “Save

Use the Bulk Administration Tool to migrate the phone(s) to an SIP image:

- Go to Bulk Administration –> Phones –> Migrate Phones –> SCCP to SIP
- Select the phone(s) you want to migrate from SCCP to SIP
- Select the option “Run Immediately
- And click in “Submit

When this is all done you should see your phone resetting itself and it will upgrade to the SIP image.
Make sure you put the auto registration protocol to SIP on the System –> Enterprise


Hello, thanks for the steps. However u mentioned two steps 1. Creating sip template and 2 using migration of phones option. You didn't indicate step 1 in step 2.

So what we do with the sip template created in step 1.

Must we use  auto registration? In my cucm, I disabled auto registration for the sccp phones.

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