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How to deploy CUCM on cloud

Hi All

I need help/suggestion on the solution to how to deploy CUCM on cloud

So the solution that i am working on is

1. I have installed ESX5

2. Installed VSphere Server 5

3. Created a VM for CUCM single node using the Cisco standard OVA

4. Tried to clone the VM just created and used the custom vizard for cloning - gave (server name, new IP address, etc details while cloning)

5. The new VM got created, but the GUI did not load and the CLI also showed some java errors

6. Then i created a platformconfig.xml file using the Answer File Generator and ran the util import config (gave a different set of IP address and hostname, etc). This resolved the problem of the CLI and the GUI loaded, using CLI i was able to loginto the application, but when i use the same userid and password on the GUI (web interface) it gave me an error (Non Defined IMS Exception), Tried searching solution for this problem, i was told to do the IP change and Hostname via the CLI, so did the same again via the CLI but no effect

7. Last resolution i changed the IP address and host name of this cloned machine to the original VM from which it was cloned, but no success.

So I am stuck in this solution now.

I need suggestion is this approach correct as my intent is to do all the above via API calls, i need to use the VMware API to do VM provisioning, hence will be using the following

1. On user request i will clone the CUCM VM template

2. Change the IP address and Host Name

3. Use the AXL API to do provisioning

Please suggest if i am on the right solution else do help me how to cater to this problem

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