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How to dial by directory contact conference room phones ie phones without end user associations.

I am seeking assistance on how to set up a Cisco IP phone that will be accessible from an outside phone to contact a conference room phone through the dial by directory greeting.  Internally I can contact the phone through the extension and can dial out from the conference room phone.  I just cant dial in from an outside phone.  Or is this even possible seeing as the conference room phone does not have a voice mailbox or end user association. The conference room phone is not accessible through the corporate directory either (I am assuming again because of the lack of an end user association). Thank you for any help. 

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

If the conference phone has a real DID number then you can reach it from outside, has nothing to do with user association or voicemail. 

Directory appearance is a separate issue, in order for the extension to appear in the directory the phone extension has to be tied to a user, if you are integrated with external LDAP then a dummy LDAP account needs to be created for it.



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