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How to forward a Hunt Group to other number by Time of Day


New to CUCM, I need to configure the following- I need to redirect our IT Support Hunt group to an alternate offsite telephone number over an afterhours period.

Right now the Huntgroup is configured and working. I have a Time-of-day CSS Time Schedule for the "afterhour period". Following other found resources I also have a "IT_After_hours" partition created (though I don't want to assign the users end devices to this partition). This is where I get lost.


It appears there is no way to divert the dial-peer for the IT Support Huntgroup based on Time of Day....... CUCM is not allowing the Dial-peer number to be inserted in the IT_after_hours partition. 

Is there another way, or am I missing something simple?

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Richard Simmons


The best way to do this would be with a Unity Connection Call Handler, you can easily create a holiday and time schedule for this.

However if you want to use time of day routing in CUCM then you need to do the following;

Create the Hunt Pilot DN in both Time of Day partitions

For the open hours Hunt Pilot will have the Hunt Group associated to it, which is probably what you already have

The closed house Hunt Pilot you will put a call forward on to the external phone number, ensuring the DN has a CSS which can dial that number.

You then will need to add the out of ours partition to all devices so they are able to dial the out of hours hunt pilot.

Guides on completing this can be found on this forum

Hope this helps,


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