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How to keep original caller-id when forwarded to a Hunt-Pilot


We upgraded from version 6.1 to 8.0.3. The problem we have is that we see the hunt-pilot caller-id instead of the original called number from a phone in the huntgroup. So when a phone is called and cfna or cfb is triggered to the hunt-pilot the phone in the hunt-list sees the hunt-pilot caller-id and not forwarded from xxxx. The huntphones are secretaries how would like to know which phone is originally called.

The costumer says this worked in 6.1. I do see the calling-id in my testlab, the costumer claims he sees the hunt-pilot nr also in de calling-id.

What can i do?




We just did an upgrade from 4.1 to 8.5 for a customer and are having the same problem. I haven't found a solution yet...

Rob Huffman
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Hey there,

I believe the setting that cahnged in the 8.x releases is this one (under Hunt Pilot)

Alerting Name

Enter an alerting name for the hunt pilot in UNICODE format.

This name gets displayed on phones that the hunt pilot dials when it receives an incoming call, along with calling party information. The phone users can use this information to answer the call accordingly.

This name also gets displayed on the calling phone.

If you do not enter a name, the hunt pilot DN displays on the phones.



I agree that it SHOULD work that way, but oddly I still only see the alerting name on the calling side. The called side still only sees this original caller id information. I've tested it both externally (via inbound PRI) and internally from another extension. It doesn't seem to be doing what the documentation says that it should: "This name gets displayed on phones that the hunt pilot dials when it receives an incoming call, along with calling party information. The phone users can use this information to answer the call accordingly."

The recipient phone in question is a 7940. I wonder if there is a CallManager service parameter or something else that affects how the Hunt Pilot's alerting name is displayed to the recipient.

Thanks for the response! You must be on the right track...


Please see screens.

Check your settings with this.

Hope it helps...

I agree with your assessment. Attached is what I have. Just doesn't seem to take. I ran it on an IP Communicator, and I can see the "TEST" caller id for a split second, then it quickly gets "overwritten" with the original caller's caller id and nothing else. Unless you are staring at the phone, you obviously can't tell if the call came directly to you or through the hunt.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hey Guys,

I think this behavior is due to this bug;

CSCth95017 Bug Details Bug #21 of 22 | < Previous | Next >

Configurable parameter on how callingparty is displayed for hunt groups

As of phone load 9.x and higher, calls to a hunt pilot show the following format for the calling party on the ringing phone.

From 'Calling Party Name' for 'hunt pilot DN'

i.e.  From John Doe for XXXX

The previous format was

From 'Calling Party Name' ('Calling Party Number')

i.e.  From John Doe (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Need a configurable parameter to change the format to the previous format if the customer desires.


Occurs on phone loads 9.0(x) and above.


Downgrade to 8.4.x

Severity Severity
6 - enhancement

Last Modified Last Modified
In Last month        

Product Product
Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series         

Technology Technology

1st Found-In 1st Found-in



Wow that is exactly what we're seeing. Nice find!

Well our phone firmware with UCM 8.5.1 is 9.1.1, so I have the opposite problem as the bug states. It USED to show "From John Doe for XXXX" but now it shows "From John Doe (XXX-XXX-XXXX)" after the upgrade.

Frank Hoeben

I'd like to add my 'me too' to this thread.

We're using CM8.5.1 just like sklic, I've even downgraded the firmware on my phones, but there seems to be no way to keep the caller-ID.

Time to create a TAC case me thinks.

To elaborate on the problem, it doesn't matter if the hunt-pilot is called directly or if the call is forwarded to the hunt-pilot.


Did you open a TAC case? Any luck, I'm in the same boat.

Each of my sites use Translation Patterns that change the DID number dialed to an Internal number, which matches my Pilot Number. Before upgrading to 8.5.1 the Calling Number displayed on the Hunt Group phones was the outside callers number and now it's the Hunt Pilot number. I have tried all kinds of things but no luck so far.

I was running 7.1.5 before upgrading to 8.5.1.



Just when I opened a TAC case I figured it out myself.

The trick is to enable ""

" "

In my case it was even more fiddly as it went balls up due to a customized "Calling Party Transformation Mask" in de Hunt Pilot.


There is an ADVANCED Service Parameter for Call Manager that is "Display Hunt Pilot Name or DN for Hunt Group Calls when Alerting". This parameter is True by default and must be set to FALSE if you want the original DN to be shown during Alerting stage on the phones within the HG.

Alfredo Naranjo


Just change Advanced Service Parameters "Display Hunt Pilot Name or DN for Hunt Group Calls When Alerting" to False.

Best Regards,

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