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How to monitor conversation from Cisco 7962 in Cisco Webex

First time poster here.

We offer in-house training events within the corporation. As part of the training events, we are (teachers and learners) connected through Cisco Webex.

What we want to accomplish is to monitor an incoming call as a group. One person would be handling the call, the others must be able to listen in to the customer's voice.


There is a way for us to switch audio sources from within the teacher's Webex client. Since the incoming call audio is going through the phone and not the computer, it seems impossible for us to find and audio access point to monitor directly in the audio stack.

The alternative would be to have a 3-way cable, one end in the phone jack, one to the headset, and a third output going into the microphone input on the pc. Is there such a cable? (Barring any adapters, the mic input is a 1/8" TRRS connector, that has a 2nd ring for mic connection).

Unless there is an easy software solution (which I doubt).

Thank you for getting back soon!


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The most common option for training if you want to do it directly from the phone is to use a splitter / Y cable that you can find online and connect two headsets to it. 

Otherwise, use computer audio and then you can choose independently the input/output sources and use external speakers.



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Thanks, yes this is something i already have established in my initial post. What I am looking for is a specific adapter or cable to help me do the second option. 

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