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Nguyen Quang Son

How to monitor registering status of a specific CTI Route Point


I'm trying to monitor a specific CTI Route Point of ours.

It's attached to a critical UCCE hotline and I'd like to be alerted everytime it have a registering problem.

CUCM 6.1.5

UCCE 7.5.8

I'm looking at RTMT but all I can find is RegisteredOtherDevices which also includes CTI Port + softphone + VM port.

Any idea is welcome. If there is a quick way to do the monitor at UCCE side, why not?

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best Regards,

Robert W. Rogier
Cisco Employee


     I believe you would need to use the RTMT on CUCM to monitor this as the CTI RP is a fuction of CUCM, not so much UCCX.  UCCX uses CTI RPs as the DN to an application and script, but it doesn't monitor them per se.  However, in the RTMT for CUCM, you may be able to see if the CTI deactiveates and take actions accordingly.  RTMT needs to be seen for what it is, a great tool to gather logs and  and provide some simple alerting, but definitely not equipted to  watch mission critical systems and be the watchdog on those.  This type  of thing really should be in addressed as part of your overall  monitoring of your network.  Think of RTMT as being the light on the  dash of your car.  It may come on if you have a major problem, but isn't  sensitive enough to alert you of tune ups.  For that, you need a  mechanic.

     Another option might be to look at the IP SLA functionality built into the routers uses as voice gateways.  These can try to setup an rtp stream to any given end point and then report back on it.  Once you've defined the IP SLA you can either write a script in the router using EEMS or just use an SNMP polller to watch for times when that RTP stream can't setup and send you a notification. I think that this type of thing would throw either a SYSLOG or SNMP trap to your NMS so you could get it there.

     Finally, you could implement CUOM (Cisco Unified Operations Manager) which watches all of the voice components and can tell you if a phone is registered, report on activity on your circuits, etc.  CUOM is more of a wholistic approach to monitoring while RTMT is a free product really aimed at just making your life easier but not necessarily being the be-all and end-all in the monitoring world.  If this is a truly critical number that does have to stay online 24x7x365, then you probably want to have more than just RTMT watching it.  Hopefully this helps you in your decisions.

Best Regards,

Robert W. Rogier

Robert W. Rogier
Technical Consulting Engineer – Contact Center Enterprise
E2E Lead | Subject Matter Expert – ECE, CCMP, CCDM
Phone: +1 919 574 5993
Business Hours: 8AM to 5PM ET

Hi Robert,

How would you use IP SLA to monitor a specific CTI Route Point on CUCM?

I have a third-party VM system (IPFX) to monitor using CUCM and CA Spectrum SNMP Monitoring Suite.We would like to receive an alert when a CTI RP de-registers.

What would be the best way to achieve it?

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