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How to troubleshoot Huntgroup Problem

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I have a strange Huntgroup problem that I am having problems troubleshooting, and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction


We have a CUCM 7.13 set-up with 6 sites

One of sites has a huntgroup set-up to take calls and pass them among a group of receptionists.

The problem is that the first receptionist is saying that she is getting all the calls and they are not distributing to the rest of the huntgroup.


I initially tried looking at the CDR records for the huntpilot and first reception number but cannot see any issues there so I have enabled tracing and have asked to be informed when the issue occurs again

Has anyone come accross this type of issue before and could offer some advice on where to start looking?

Is there a way to troubleshoot huntgroup problems other than looking through the trace files?


Any help and assistance on this would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance



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Ayodeji Okanlawon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

There really is no way to troubleshoot this without looking at trace files. Do the users have hlog keys? Do you know if perhaps they are logging out of the hunt group? Again the only place to find detailed information on such weird issues will be cucm traces..

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Thanks very much for the quick response


Yes, users do have hlog key and I suspect one a couple of things are happening

- other receptionists are logging out of huntgroup

- the call is coming in from somone who is not dialing the huntpilot number but dialing the reception number direct

- the other receptionists are busy so there is nowhere else to route the call (this one is unlikely since there are about 6 numbers in the LG


I have pulled off some traces from a reported problem time but strangely when I search for the huntpilot number it is not showing up. I've tried the sdi and sdl traces.

I am a bit new to this type of troubleshooting so it is likely I'm just doing it wrong (I'm trying to use notepad since I cant seem to get a hold of TripleCombo at the moment.

As I mentioned above, any assistance on helping me troubleshoot this issue would be much appreciated


Thanks again for your quick response


To see the accurate traces, you need to know which cucm server processed the call. There are a few options..

1. If its an internal call, this will be the cucm the ip phone is registered to.

2. if its an external call, this will be the cucm the gateway sends the call to..

You also need to set to detail, the cucm logs.

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I think I set the trace to Arbitory rather than Detailed.

I got the traces for the sub server the phones are registered to and also the pub server (I was not sure if I needed. The gateway should be sending the call to the same sub server as the phones but I will check this just in-case.


One last question if you dont mind

When I've downloaded the trace files with the RTMT would the sdi traces show this type of info best or do I need to look through the sdl traces as wel?

Again please excuse if this is a silly question, as I mentioned I am a bit new to reading trace files

Thanks again for your assistance



You need the sdi trace files. You can attach here also and we can look at it. You  need to include the calling, called number, time of call and also lets know the pilot number..

You can look through the traces yourself also and see if you can figure it out, otherwise we will be here to help

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