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How to upgrade CUCMBE 7.0(1) to CUCM 8.X?

Hi! First of all I'd like to say that I've been studying this problem for several days. And I know that migration from CUCMBE to CUCM is possible and that MCS7828 will support CUCM 8.X and I also know that I will be able to mix CUWL and CUCL licensing. But I'm so confused...

I have an MCS7828 server with CUCMBE 7.0(1) running on it with 50 CUWL user licences. I want to order MCS7825 with CUCM 8.X. Then I want to form a cluster of two servers. That's why I need to upgrade CUCMBE from 7.0(1) to CUCM 8.X so that my licences migrate and I can use them. I'm planning to use UCL licensing model from then on.

I guess that I have to order

CUCM-BE-MIGSW CMBE migration to CUCM   7.X/Unity Conn 7.X

and then to upgrade CUCM 7.X to CUCM 8.X with

CM8.0-K9-UPG= SW Upgrade to CUCM 8.0 for ESW/UCSS

I want to persuade my client to buy 2 new 8.X appliances instead of upgrading CUCMBE. I just need to prove my point with numbers.

Please somebody help with part-numbers required.



Your SKU's look fairly accurate.  I wanted to actually point out some details regarding what "migration" entails when you reuse your existing CUCMBE server and move to CUCM.  If you have installed Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition on an MCS-7828 server, and you decide that you need to migrate to separate Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection environments for increased scalability and capacity, you can reuse that MCS-7828 server to run Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a MCS-7825 cluster. Although you can reuse the server, you must reenter your data on the server manually. You must also obtain another server to run Cisco Unity Connection.  So, essentially you will be rebuilding the CUCM cluster from scratch as well as Unity.  There is no one-step "migration" of data from BE.

If you're already full aware of this, then disregard...just something to keep in mind.  If you just bought new servers, you could build the new environment in parallel and migrate users over with less downtime and so forth.


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