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how to upload Ring tone in CME 8.8


Hi all,

i have uploaded ringtone on cme flash as per cisco doc. but still on ip phone i can see 2 default ring tone. is there any other procedure to do  so  my requirment is that user can get option to select the ringtone from ip phone itself  as we cna have in CUCM. please help if i am missing anything.

below is the configuration all these files are alreday uploaded in router flash.

tftp-server flash:/Analog1.raw

tftp-server flash:/Analog2.raw

tftp-server flash:/AreYouThere.raw

tftp-server flash:/AreYouThereF.raw

tftp-server flash:/Bass.raw

tftp-server flash:/CallBack.raw

tftp-server flash:/Chime.raw

tftp-server flash:/Classic1.raw

tftp-server flash:/Classic2.raw

tftp-server flash:/ClockShop.raw

tftp-server flash:/DistinctiveRingList.xml

tftp-server flash:/Drums1.raw

tftp-server flash:/Drums2.raw

tftp-server flash:/FilmScore.raw

tftp-server flash:/HarpSynth.raw

tftp-server flash:/Jamaica.raw

tftp-server flash:/KotoEffect.raw

tftp-server flash:/MusicBox.raw

tftp-server flash:/Piano1.raw

tftp-server flash:/Piano2.raw

tftp-server flash:/Pop.raw

tftp-server flash:/Pulse1.raw

tftp-server flash:/Ring1.raw

tftp-server flash:/Ring2.raw

tftp-server flash:/Ring3.raw

tftp-server flash:/Ring4.raw

tftp-server flash:/Ring5.raw

tftp-server flash:/Ring6.raw

tftp-server flash:/Ring7.raw

tftp-server flash:/RingList.xml

tftp-server flash:/Sax1.raw

tftp-server flash:/Sax2.raw

tftp-server flash:/Vibe.raw

tftp-server flash:/music-on-

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

Check "debug tftp event" with "term mon".

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